Boost your cars performance

The key to unlocking your vehicle’s potential starts here, with Axon Remapping. Our car remapping software is designed and tested to give your vehicle a performance boost in areas such as torque, horsepower, acceleration, shift points and much more.


Remapping for performance

Performance remapping can improve both torque and BHP in your vehicle, resulting in improved power, increased engine response, enhanced exceleration and performance.

Remapping for repairs

Remapping is a way to “fix” the engine (in more ways than one).  Whether it’s a DPF, EGR or an AdBlue system that’s failed, remapping can get your vehicle back on the road

The key benefits of remapping

Increased power and torque

high engine power enables a car to accelerate quickly and reach a high top speed.

Better fuel economy

With prices of fuel these days, an eco map can give you more miles per gallon, per tank of fuel.

Better performance and drivability

Remapping gives you more torque and more horsepower

Greater throttle response

Remapping removes flat spots for smoother power delivery


 years experience 



An auto electrician with 20 years experience working on all vehciles such as cars, trucks, forklifts and heavy plant.  

All remapping tools are genuine only working via OBE Bench mode and boot mode 


“This is the third vehicle I’ve had remapped by Axon Remapping, Lee provides a quick, cost-effective and professional service every time.”

“Had my 1 series remapped a few months back and managed to get a 54% power increase. Completely changed the car absolutley no complaints, thank you”

“Lee did a great job on my car, nothing was too much trouble, thanks again great service – Neil”

“Great fella, very happy. He remapped my Passat and removed that pesky engine light for good, highly recommended!”

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